Jun 7, 2008

episode two - average tuesday night

as i started posting only a week after arriving, now i have to rush through the episodes that took place, so that i could finally start posting about the present. in that spirit, here we go. the first few days in hyderabad involved some heavy acclimatization. of course it was hot, like 40 in the daytime. it took me 3 nights to finally find a fine tuned mix of the ceiling fan and the ac that would allow me a normal sleep (the mix is: 2 hours of 20 degree aircon before sleeping, and no ac/fan during the night). also, the way people live their lives around here, how they sleep on the streets, how they want to take me down for money everywhere, how they do nothing at all so often just waiting for something for hours, the functioning chaos they call traffic in general... so many questions and experiences poured on me, i felt really stimulated.

on the first weekend i did some trips in town with a driver.. we went up to a white marble temple (birla mandir) on a hill in downtown hyderabad, without shoes/cameras/mobiles of course. also, i had my first experience with local food in the restaurant angeeti. i was crying of joy over the wonders that manifested in front of me. the appetizer fish dish punched me hard, the chicken tikka burned over me like a nailed leash, leaving my complete decapitation to the lamb roganjosh and the garlic naan.

tuesday night we checked out a british pub named 10 downing street with some other expatriates. after a tremendous dinner again from the indian cuisine, i joined my local colleagues sasi and sailusha for some beer and black johnnie. dj blackjack, the tuesday resident was spinning classic 90s rock and sharing chocolate to guests. as the place got crowded, waiters started fueling the mood by pouring ethanol on the tables and setting it in fire.. mood got fueled as you can imagine. after some time my colleagues told me that we are going to check out some nearby fort now, to have some beers under the open skies. i did not ask many questions, we took two subaru taxies and headed off town. two hours and 90 kms later (i was surprised but by no means upset), we ended up on a hill with a white marble sacred temple, heaps of people sleeping in various positions (in car, on table, on chair, on pavement), and some monkeys. beers, photos, heading home. i finally got to bed at five am to get a few hours of bad sleep, only to get up to a completely washed off wednesday.

to supplement this saltless post (i guess i wasn't in my best writing mood today) i shared some photos from the first week. please check them out on my flickr stream.

in the next episode, our hero goes through some unpleasant surprises resulting in a late night hospital visit (and this episode will already bring us back to the present).


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