Jun 9, 2008

scarface - the movie in three scenes

(note: this post contains disturbing, graphic images)

so as promised, we are going to get hurt a bit and visit a hospital in the next few paragraphs.

the story is quite simple. it is mostly true, and it took place 96 hours ago.

scene one
/text on the bottom of the screen, aligned right: madhapur district, hyderabad, india, one june evening, around eleven pm/
we see a semi narrow alley, non pawed, dusty. there is no public lighting in the street, some orange glow reaches in from the main avenue not far away. a young european lad in peach linen shirt enters the set from the left, the camera follows him from a near-above angle as he explores his surroundings interestedly. a mystical tune emerges from the street noise, going ambient slowly, as the figure approaches a spot on the street that is even darker and is very hard to notice. now we see him from inside the alley, the camera zooms in just a little as he considers the dark spot for a brief second. we don't know, but we feel that trouble is right around the corner. now with the camera taking a closeup on this feet, he steps forward, but his sandal (what a brilliant product placement ad) doesn't find the expected step. the young man looses his balance, and falls into the ditch (later described as a man hole in his medical report).

scene two
/text on the bottom of the screen, aligned right: image hospital, madhapur district, hyderabad, india, 10 minutes later/
we are now in a very nice indian hospital, the young man is taking his sandals off before laying up on a bed. his colleague, who took him here on a motorbike, now stands beside the bed, clearly amused, taking photos. a nurse and a doctor emerges, closing the curtain around the bed. while the camera circles around the four (like in the beginning of reservoir dogs), a short inspection takes place, wounds are cleaned, tetanus shot administered. the discussion that goes on is blurred, only some words like "... no stitches needed....... but i just had tetanus..... dude .... thank you..." can be heard out clearly. in the next shot, the young man (with great gratitude in his eyes), and his three colleagues take off from in front of the hospital on three motorbikes.

scene three
/text on the bottom of the screen, aligned right: jayabheri guesthouse, hitec city, hyderabad, india, 30 minutes later/

thanks Nikhil, Nash and Mazhar for saving my life and joining me for some beers after the exhausting shooting day.

also, I would like to express my gratitude to the very effective and kind image hospital, where I spent a very pleasant 20 minutes.

in the meantime, a new workweek started, so probably no real big adventures are ahead for the near future. however, i have some posts forming in production. in the pipeline are:
- the best of the many great things about hyderabad, india - or some of the observations i made so far in this country
- wwdc keynote by steve jobs - what have we got there

full disclosure: the author of the post enjoys perfect health and is recovering with great speed.


littleborka said...

magyarul pofára estél? :)

Nikhil said...

Well as I told ya, it went ok with the school being closed. Goin again today. Hope its open today.

Sasidhar said...

I missed out on all the action ! :)

oxana said...

Ah, Gyula, very emotional post! get well very very very soon! with a soothing hug (double hug) from Dublin

g. said...

Thank You Oxana for the double hug! :) Feeling great already! Take care!

Jonas said...

G-man, you did a faceplant!? Hope all is well, it sounds like it (:

Watch out for manholes, I guess.

Mazhar said...

Yeah action packed night that was :)..well narrated dude....

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