Jul 27, 2008

back from india

wonder where i have disappeared for the last 2 weeks? well, in brief:

  1. i finished my assignment in hyderabad, did farewell fireworks and parties, packed my stuff, and headed down to kerala with mate (my good friend who visited me in india for the last 2 weeks).
  2. in kerala (which is the most developed state in india in terms of gdp/capita, lowest fertility rate) we spent a day on cherai beach, just north of cochin, in a nice ocean-view hotel, great food, waves, practically no other people around.
  3. we also set off for a houseboat trip on the backwaters from allepy. a 22 hour trip on a 25 meter boat with a crew of 3. the backwaters are paradise, palm meadows, warm lagoons, rich wildlife, peaceful and harmonious local villages. if you go, ask for 'green palm certified' boats, as they are using solar and take care of the waste in an ecological way. also, if you go in the low season, don't worry about booking in advance, just show up in allepy, and bargain your own price (~4000 inr for a 22 hour trip).
  4. a train took us to verkala, a frequented tourist location on a coastal cliff, nearly deserted and very calm in the low-season. we arrived here to spend 1 day, but ended up spending the rest of our time, 4 days, in this paradise. we met many other travelers here (switzerland, austria, belgium, nz, us, iran, germany, uk...), eat great food in the funky art caffe (thanks george and shambu baia) and in the italian caffe, took a short backwater boating trip, rode elephants, got sun burnt, played in the waves, pissed off the coast guards, photographed crabs, stuff like that.. we rented a penthouse apartment in a castle hotel that was under renovation from the workers for a bargain price.
all in all, the south-india week was a well spent one. it got better and better, cherai was a strong start, then we dropped our jaws again on the backwaters, only to drop them once again in verkala. in verkala we stopped with the conclusion that there is simply no better place around probably anyway, and we never regretted our lazy mentality.

after the peace of verkala, came the marathon tour home:

  1. after 3 hours sleep, an early morning flight from trivandrum to hyderabad through bangalore on friday
  2. after an other 3 hour night, an even earlier morning flight to dubai on saturday
  3. a 26 hour stopover in dubai - sightseeing in 40+ temperatures
  4. a dreamless 3 hours on a bench in dubai international, followed by the early morning flight to birmingham on sunday
  5. a few hours wait in birmingham (where i found my dream camera bag finally: lowepro d100) before our final flight to dublin with good old aer lingus (felt really simple after those emirates air flights)
so now i am back in dublin, blogging on the balcony from a sofa. i learned who ricco and tornado was (the latter i already knew).

i don't know what this blog is going to look like going forward. i promise to write if there is anything giving me thoughts. still, as next travels are not till late september (fishing and photo tour to finland), posts are going to be rare here now. although i still have one post on india in draft, which i might still finish and publish in the coming weeks.

for now, enjoying life and pushing on work on my part.


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