Oct 9, 2008

smoothy index

in other words: why is there a linear correlation between the state of the world economy and the amount of smoothy i find in the morning in my biodegradable(!) cup?


Oct 8, 2008

wisdom of crowds vs. stupidity of crowds

this short report from our favorite usa is tragically ridiculous...

my takeaway is that people, and especially crowds are often massively stupid and will eat anything if somebody makes them believe it is good. sometimes they don't even have to believe it is good, they just move with the crowds. buy your dream home... you can do it..

the financial world took great advantage of this in recent years, but it turned out that the crowds they poisoned dragged them down too after all.. well, too bad.. the evil and irresponsible financial machine fucked itself up seriously..

where does a crowd start to make wise decisions? was it really that hard to see that real estate prices can't go up and up endlessly? was it really hard to see that gas prices aren't going to stay low? wasn't it evident that an adjustable rate mortgage can actually adjust in a way that you won't be able to pay it??

great corporations, legislators, industries have huge responsibility. they shape the trends, crowds will follow. using economic growth, profit, gpd and the like as the only important indicators for success is not only short sighted and foolish, it is also evil.