Jun 28, 2009

creative vs. vandalism

poster graffiti in dublin
masterful graffiti in zanzibar, tanzania
vandalism in sandymount

The somewhat blurry line between creative street art and senseless vandalism.

The channel is no less important then the message.


Jonas said...

Have you been reading any McLuhan lately? (:

Peti said...

I have rule for that:
If somebody has put some effort into the looks of a "sprayable" space, be it a painted wall or another graffiti, than you should keep off.
If there is no sign of that, than it is up for anybody to put some effort into it.
Not quite clear cut, but works ok. ;-)

g. said...

@Jonas: Indeed, McLuhan inspired a bit :)

@Peti: I like that ruleset. It clearly describes the spaces that are up for someone to put the effort in it. The thresholds however, which signal where efforts count as creative art, message, purpose versus senselessness and visual trash, are still quite blurry.

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