Jun 11, 2009

digital tagging, online tracking

mischief is my middle name..

If only objects could speak!

Today we are tracking trucks, we are able to locate mobile phones (and the people carrying them) and a couple other things. Eventually, nanotechnology will deliver us to a time where digital tagging and online tracking of infinitely small objects becomes free and invisible.

Then we'll be able to ask the boy's white shirt (via our pocketable smart device) about where and when the cotton was grown (say Brazil), which company produced the textile, which cargo ship transported it to China, in which EU city it was then sold, how long it was used before its owner got bored with it and put it in a charity clothes bin, which NGO brought it to Tanzania, so that this shirt (after wondering across 4 continents) now can spend the rest of its days on this proud little Zanzibar boy.

How will such information optimize object lifecycles? Our purchase decisions? Our communication with the people who we are connected to via our objects?

UPDATE 2nd Nov, 2009:
SourceMap, from the MIT media lab is a great tool towards awareness about the stories of the parts in our everyday objects, food products, etc.


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