Jun 8, 2009

throwaway design

throwaway design
this cup is designed to carry a hot beverage, keep it warm, spill safe, while not burning the hand. it is also designed to carry a brand, an ad. and it is also designed to be thrown away, shortly after being used.

squeezing the many desired features into a design that is cheap to manufacture, is cheap to transport and store (stackable, not sensitive to temperatures, shock..), and is easy to brand is a challenge in itself, even without taking the throwaway part of the lifecycle into account.

this cup spends 99.9% of its lifecycle post throwaway, in the landfill. the value add section of its lifetime is usually not longer then 10 minutes. how is this ratio affected by the materials used? a mixture of paper and different plastics? compostable materials? how will it affect the post throwaway duration? or the destination? landfill, recycling? or maybe even reuse, that would add to the value add duration?


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