Jul 19, 2009

contextual privacy, risk, norms

Sleeping norms

Photo: people in transit sleep at the Dubai airport Terminal 3.

What is accepted at airports versus other places in terms of what we do to create intimacy, privacy in public?

Also, the shared situation of waiting for a plane that raises the basic level of trust we have for strangers. What are the levels you can expect from others around you in airports versus other places in terms of trust, tolerance, good will?


Peti said...

Depends on where you are waiting. In the public access areas it is no better than in other public places (except for the convenience that people tend to speak English). Once you are through the gates/security check I feel more secure (both personally and in terms of belongings)
For me good will has also a strong negative correlation to the number of people present. As airports are quite busy nobody cares about you.

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