Aug 27, 2009

urban mobility - biking in copenhagen

bike superhighways in copenhagen

Nice to see how a sane city and its citizens plan for survival, investing in life quality and a sustainable future.

I read about these planned bicycle superhighways on A few quick quotes from the post:

"Currently 55% of the citizens in central Copenhagen ride a bicycle daily and the number is 37% for Greater Copenhagen."

"There are roughly 100,000 people who currently commute into or out of Copenhagen County [as opposed to within], travelling between 4-15 km. 15,000 of them ride their bicycle."

"Just like anywhere, there are many people who cycle longer distances but the focus for the new plan is the 'middle ground' - the zone between 7 and 15 km from the city centre."

On the sidenote, I am going to be in Copenhagen this weekend for the Design Week, one of the many events leading up to the climate summit later this year.

I'll be cycling for sure, renting for 165 DKK for 3 days :)


Peti said...

And the ones going from Tarnby to Brondby have bad luck ;-)

g. said...

Rocco, you rock!


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