Sep 12, 2009

cigarettes by the piece

cigarettes in tamchi, kyrgyzstan

Photo: Small universal kiosk in Tamchi, Kyrgyzstan selling cigarettes by the piece.

The price for a full box of these common cigarette types in Kyrgyzstan is around 30-40 cent (Euro). Still people often by them by the piece, 1-2-3 in most cases.

Thoughts that come to mind:
The wide spectrum of motivations for buying only a few.
The inability / unwillingness of even the local cigarette brands to cater for these special demand patterns.
In general the situations where products are retailed in ways other the ones intended by the producer / brand.


Peti said...

One more thing comes to mind: Under these circumstances do people ask / give each other single cigarettes on the street, in pubs etc? aka Do they have a fag?

Tlogger said...

Yes, they do ask a lot. That's another reason for some people not to have a full pack. ;)

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