Sep 20, 2009

visual anchors

view from Copenhagen tower

photo: view from the top of the Rundetårn (rounded tower observatory) in Copenhagen.

Here, a traditional map would be useless, or hard to use. You don't want to get anywhere, just want to know (if you do) what you see ahead and below yourself. The illustration (right on the photo) shows the significant landmarks in this direction, an outline of what lays ahead, exactly as you see it from here.

Almost like a layer in an augmented reality browser. Except that this is just a piece of framed paper.

For every purpose and environment the suitable and most efficient map type.


Alvar said...

Or just like the "Wikitude" Android app does, but in paper this time.

For those who don't know it:

Nice idea!

g. said...

Thanks Alvar for this!

It also ties in well with my other post about more augmented reality and reality browser:

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