Oct 3, 2009

effective message delivery

dublin photo safari 2009 may
Photo: danger sign on Sandymount beach, Dublin, Ireland

On this 2 km long beach stretch, there is this one single sign around the middle, near the shore. My estimate is that around 3% of all people visiting the beach (and going further in on the sand) meet this sign at all. And most won't read it anyway. The sign is not there to convey a warning (it could do a similarly efficient job at that just being buried under the sand). In a country, where the rule of law is strong, this sign is more designed for avoiding lawsuits then actually avoiding accidents.

Photos below: Sign by private people, enforced by none, obliged by some. VS. Rules set by authority, compliance 'incentivized'.

The situations where rules apply to you. With your knowledge, or without it. Even if you did all you could to find out about them, but failed. The situations where you comply, and where you don't (and count on getting away with it, or not even). The consequences, sometimes a fee penalty, sometimes a long scratch by a key on the car's door, a punctured tyre, or a broken side-mirror. Sometimes 'only' an angry, sad glance at you.

dublin photo safari 2009 may

dublin photo safari 2009 may


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