Oct 22, 2009

litter capacity planning

dublin photo safari 2009 may

Photos: Overflowing trash bins on Sandymount beach, Dublin, Ireland, on a wonderful, sunny weekend day.

On a nice day, more people will turn up in the park by the beach then on an average day. More people bring more trash, and will want to leave it here. On a sunny day, the bins on the beach will overflow, and the wind will carry litter everywhere. Suboptimal.

How does the planning process look like, and what are the formulas for determining (1) trash bin capacities, (2) types (for recycling), (3) bin designs that suit the context, (4) bin emptying frequency. Are there any processes, formulas?

And once a system is in place, how is it monitored, what are the metrics that describe their performance? Where are the sensors?

In a city where dropping litter and living surrounded by it is still widely accepted, the costs for careful planning and sophisticated systems are still too high.

dublin photo safari 2009 may


Lovell said...

Looks like you weren't observing much when you were in India!

g. said...

Lovell, you must have missed this post then:

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