Oct 27, 2009

reality search via cctv video

dublin photo safari 2009 may

CCTV cameras are everywhere.

In cities like London, in central areas basically every spot is recorded 24/7 from multiple angles. Citizens of such cities might easily end up on 1000+ recordings on an average day.

Imagine if all this material was crawled and indexed with geo data and time-stamps. Imagine improved resolutions and advanced face-recognition applied. Then search engines could serve video results for queries like:

"What did I do on the 22nd, January 2003?" (e.g. useful when writing my autobiography)
"What happened between 13:34 and 13:41, yesterday, on the corner of X and Y, in London?" (e.g. to find the numberplate of the car that hit me on my bike and left).

Any other use cases come to your mind?

Of course such service would be highly controversial and attacked like nothing before.


littleborka said...

Who was that hottie I saw?
Is the candy shop still open?
I'm late for a meeting, is my friend on the spot? or rather, did he leave home already?
Is mum on the way home?
Who's going to party tonight?
Which way to go to avoid gypsie gangs?

g. said...

Great use cases littleborka, specially like the ones about gypsy gangs, and the hottie :)

How do you imagine the answers to your question "Who's going to party tonight?"

littleborka said...

Like watching the entrance. Or maybe party places would join the system so you can watch inside cams..

There was a lost girl case in Budapest, when a girl got missing after a party at a public place. They used the cctv cams to track down her route. Unfortunately they could only follow till she left the city center...

Cctv system made public could reduce crime: thousands of volunteer spectators of certain regions, face recognition
also support crime: very effective planning tool, monitoring the location, etc.

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