Nov 4, 2009

Future Vision 2019

Microsoft Office Labs is the software giant's think tank, that looks far ahead (well, 5-10 years) into the future, and envisions technologies that will penetrate our everyday lives.

This inspiring video below is about productivity in 2019. If you prefer MS SilverLight, be my guest.

Technology certainly has a lot of potential in areas like telepresence, blurring the differences between being physically and remotely present even further. Working from home wherever you are, especially in the knowledge intensive areas will be commonplace, reducing required office space and facilities as we know it. How will this exodus of professionals from the 'office' transform other spaces like cafes, restaurants, parks, homes, transport? How will our abilities and tolerance of keeping work and personal separated change?

It is nice to see how technology erodes the burdens to meaningful participation, community organization and how connecting and interacting with your data in the cloud (where else?) becomes seamless.

An even more interesting aspect to me, which is largely missing from MS' vision is how they see technology's role in dealing with the real challenges of 2019. How will technology impact the lives of the next billion people, or the bottom billion people (not the same, but definitely largely overlapping)? How will these gains in productivity contribute to a carbon neutral economy? If the technology enabled increase in productivity allowed us to do our job in 20 percent less time, will this result in a 20 percent shorter workweek?

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