Nov 14, 2009

the next 1 billion business. you mean dollars or customers?

nokia 1280

So what's up with Nokia? The brand that is equivalent with mobile communication in many locales, is getting less attention recently. While the exciting and loud battle for affluent early adopters continues in the smartphone segment between Apple, RIM and Google, the finnish giant, Nokia is actively pushing the boundaries of connecting people on the other end of the target spectrum.

With its recent product launches (Nokia 1280 and its buddies), and its software solutions (Nokia Money rolling out in 2010, or Nokia Life Tools), Nokia a in the game of pushing TCO (total cost of ownership) down drastically, allowing inclusion into mobile communication for many millions of new customers from the bottom billion.

With 22(!) days of standby battery time, an FM radio and a flashlight, the dust and scratch resistant Nokia 1280 is designed with keeping shared usage and energy poverty in mind. The price? EUR 20 excluding taxes.

Priced at 20 Euros, would the iPhone become competitive/interesting for a sheep herder on the Kyrgyz jailoos? For a two-wheel mango merchant on a Hyderabad bazaar? For a roadside fried-corn vendor in Arusha, Tanzania?


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