Jan 30, 2010

illegal eligibility

addicts needed

addicts needed

The dynamics of...

Provision of trust and a body modified by (sometimes illegal) substance, in return for anonymity and money, for the purpose of studies, clinical testing of drugs, etc.

Photos: ads from the Voice (NYC weekly free magazine)

Jan 25, 2010

alternative currency for charity

charity with added value

Photo: bus ticket collecting box in a Dublin elementary school.

Buses in Dublin take only coins, and give no change. However, if you have to overpay, the difference is printed in your ticket as a 'refund', that you can claim at the Dublin Bus office.

Since most people don't make the way to this office for the 10-20-30.. cents per ticket, they are more willing to drop it in a charity box than real Euros. Actually such 'charity collection' can be also perceived as a service provided, people happily unload their tickets from their wallets.

As an unintended side effect, this public transport fare payment system fosters the giving mood in the city. Wonder if it was foreseen at design.

Jan 21, 2010

enraging waste of keyboard real estate

capslock hate

Most people never/very rarely use CapsLock. Some people really hate it even. A few will even go as far as self-handedly customizing their keyboards.

Interesting to see how some features from the birth of computing still haunt around and weather the lightning fast evolution of technology. Think slide presentations for example.

capslock hate

Jan 17, 2010

rule #17: enjoy the little things

my day has been made for me right now :)

luggage compartment on the heathrow express on an early january day.